In case of rain, the risk of road accidents doubles!

En cas de pluie, les risques d’accidents de la route doublent!

Did you know? At least that is what a study by the Belgian Institute for Road Safety reveals.

To prevent what could unfortunately cause serious injury or even death, here are some valuable tips:

  1. Of course, if you can telecommute, what a great opportunity not to cause accidents: Work remotely!
  2. Turn on your lights. In case of a "deluge", use your flashing lights while it passes.
  3. Slow down and keep your distance
  4. Avoid hydroplaning. Preferably follow another vehicle and equip yourself with good tires.
  5. Do not use cruise control. If you suddenly need to brake, this one would slow you down.
  6. Wear suitable shoes with good grip for the pedals. Slippery soles could cause you serious braking problems.

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Steve Marcoux, MBA

emergency care instructor

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