Thank you to all our customers who make our country safer!


"I was served by Ms. Céline Bélanger. She answered all my questions very well and I am very satisfied with her customer service. Thank you! "

J. Lévesque
Camp Péniel inc.

« It isn't something we often see; I love your approach - you give us the information we required to choose what we need to comply with standards »

CCL Envirotek

« I was very satisfied with the representatives' knowledge and the product descriptions. The kit’s contents are of excellent quality and the best price guarantee (-10%) is honoured. In addition, the kits contain a four year validation certificate. Put simply, I recommend SM Canada without hesitation and will gladly buy from them again when it’s time to replace my kits. »

Karine Brisson
Vitrerie Mont-Joli Inc.

« I think every company or organization should ALWAYS have full, fresh kits on their premises to quickly react to the various emergencies in everyday life. SM Canada gave us good advice, excellent products, and they are always affordable. This is why we would never go without their kits. Thank you SM!»

Julie Bernier