The Importance of Handwashing

L’importance du lavage des mains
Did you know that you touch your face on average 3.5 times per minute? It's a lot! This demonstrates the need to wash your hands frequently to avoid putting your face in contact with germs or bacteria.

According to the MAPAQ, there are some key periods during the day when it is important to wash your hands:

Before starting work;
After work;
After having been at the toilet;
After holding food.
Good hand washing lasts an average of 20 seconds. To wash your hands perfectly, follow these steps:

Get out of paper in advance;
Wet your hands;
Soap and mousse;
Clean nails, hands and forearms;
Wipe your hands with the paper;
Close the tap with the paper to avoid contact.
These few tips will save you maybe a cold or two this year!

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