Walking in the forest, are you planning enough?

La marche en forêt, êtes-vous assez prévoyant?

Expedition in the forest or in the mountains, what to know?

It's autumn, the season when we get back in touch with nature and when we love walking in the forest, whether to climb a mountain or even to hunt.

However, any wise person should always respect certain basic rules for their safety and the peace of mind of those around them.

How to prepare well:

  1. Inform loved ones before setting off on an adventure;
  2. Take note of the explored terrain, map and compass;
  3. Leave accompanied or have the necessary equipment to communicate in the absence of a cellular signal;
  4. Bring a first aid kit.

In addition, to be prepared for any situation, you should bring the following items in your kit:

  • A lighter;
  • A whistle;
  • A flashlight;
  • Dressings, bandages and antiseptic, ideally waterproof;
  • A water bottle;
  • Aluminum thermal cover.

All these elements will help you survive if something goes wrong and you get lost.

If all these elements are monitored, you will be able to fully enjoy your hikes!

Happy fall!

Steve Marcoux, MBA

President of SM Canada and Instructor in Emergency Care

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